About us

“Vishnavi Bird Net Services” has been in the business of providing world class Bird Proofing, Pigeon Netting, Bird Spikes, Ground Netting solutions and installations for the last three years and is reputed for their efficiency and professionalism.
An experienced professional with long-term service history with large multi-nationals and driven by the objective to bring world class solutions for bird control and bird proofing solutions to the doorsteps of people all over India.

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Our Products

Advantages Of Bird & Pigeon Net

1. Industrial Pigeon Net
2. Mosquito Net
3. Bird Net Services
4. Residential Pigeon Netting
5. Safety Net Services
6. Football Ground Net
7. Garden Net
8. Green House Net

1 . Lightweight, pliable, maintenance-free material
2. Nearly invisible – netting is barely visible at a distance
3. Retains strength over time & resists elemental damage
4. ULTRA VIOLET STABILISED net does not get affected by SUN-LIGHT or RAINS.
5. 100% effective everywhere it is installed – great for zero-tolerance zones
6. Straightforward, one-time installation
7 . Works to deter birds and other critters

How we work?


Organised Net Installation

We are "Vishnavi Brid Net Service" provider , at your services


Support At your Location

By contacting we visit at your locations to get specifications of netting installation


Good Service

Customer should satisfy with services by us this is our moto. We fulfill all the requirements of customer


Fast and efficient Work

We work with time as well as our services after installation

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